Іудейська релігійна громада "Міцва"
Навчально-виховний комплекс "Міцва-613"

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"Bila Tserkva. Shoa. Shot Childhood "

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The presentation of the documentary - feature film "Bila Tserkva. Shoa. Shot Childhood " took place in the cinema named after Dovzhenko on January 29 at the Bila Tserkva - on the occasion of the International Day of Holocaust Remembrance. In the Bila Tserkva, during the tragic events of the Holocaust, 7 thousand people died. The film included archives, interviews with people who survived the Holocaust, and with witnesses of those horrible events. Some of these people were present at the cinema. During the presentation of the film, the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine and Kyiv Moshe Reuven Azman, addressed the audience. He said that in the Jewish community virtually no families that would not have lost their relatives during this terrible genocide. The present generation must do everything possible so that it does not happen again. The plenipotentiary of the Embassy of the State of Israel, Director of the Israeli Cultural Center in Ukraine Olga Polischuk attended the event. She noted that the whole world inclines its heads to every person who became a victim of a terrible genocide. The initiator of the film was the executive director of the Jewish community of the Bila Tserkva Natella Andriushchenko. The film was created to raise awareness of the events of those times. Before watching the film, the memory of the victims during the Holocaust was honored with a minute of silence. The Jewish religious community "Mitsva" rewarded the gratitudes and flowers of all the members of the public who joined the film. In particular, it is a private entrepreneur, philanthropist Vadim Kushnir, the director Mykola Druzhkov, historians and ethnographers Sergei Burlak and Yevhen Chernetsky. The press office of the Bila Tserkva City Council reported. Materials from the site https://www.04563.com.ua/news/1938624

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Навчально-виховний комплекс "Міцва-613"