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A New Social Project Has Started

We are very happy to share the good news - a new social project has started in our Jewish community.
The most vulnerable members of the community became a focus group of this project: single, disabled and desperately need the elderly people. Due to various life circumstances people are on the brink of survival, and they are prisoners of loneliness. Our social project will surround them with care and attention. Participants of the project will not only be fed and warmed; they will be able to find a new circle of friends, to diversify their everyday lives by pleasant socializing and joy.
Comfortable and spacious apartment is equipped for the convenience of project’s participants, hot lunches and communication will be organized too. Everybody can meet Shabbat on Friday. A lot of useful things the curators of the project can make for the people who are deprived of attention and support over the years.
The opening of the project was not lush and pompous, but it was full of cordiality and warmth, hearfulness and mutual understanding - all that gives people a sense of security.
Executive Director of the Jewish community Natella Andriushchenko thanked the participants for the confidence, presented the curators - Galina Bilichenko and Victoria Grisiuk, on behalf of the Jewish community Natella gave Hanukiia as a present. Community vocal ensemble under the direction of Janna Rudyanskaia gave a small concert of Jewish songs.
The inspirer and sponsor of a new social project became an American Maecenas Don Horwitz. And tomorrow on Shabbat children from the Kalaniot project organized by him come to visit the elderly. This will be a memorable meeting of two generations, the care of whom took over Mr Horwitz.

Навчально-виховний комплекс "Міцва-613"