Іудейська релігійна громада "Міцва"
Навчально-виховний комплекс "Міцва-613"

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In Search of Truth

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

In recent years in Ukraine increase the frequency of the cases of denial the Holocaust or underestimation of the scale of the tragedy of the Jewish people during the Second World War. Increasingly it can be traced in the social networks, which have become a full-scale platform and an instrument of propaganda.
At the same time, we realize that it is happening due to the lack of information and unavailability of information that often entails an untrue statement or substitution. The worst of all is the situation when public figures - politicians, civil society activists, teachers of history - in short, those who have authority in society, form the public opinion by distorting information.
Put up with such situation is impossible, if there are facts and we evaluate them impartially.
Bila Tserkva is a cosmopolitan city that has a rich history. It is very important for us that the national consensus in our hometown was based on mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance of the historical truth.
For this purpose the initiative group of volunteers from among researchers - historians, professionals was organized for the search, systematization and further dissemination of truthful historical information about the pages of the Jewish history in Bila Tserkva. The platform for this work will be the city Tolerance Center established in the EC "Mitsvah-613" and the Jewish community of the city. The results of the group’s work, monthly reports will be publicly available through the media, social networks, periodicals, public readings, training seminars, etc.
One of the priorities is a memorial sign at the site of the first shooting of children during the Second World War, which took place in August 1941 in Bila Tserkva. This terrible event is known all around the world, and we must pay tribute to 90 tortured innocent children ...
We believe in the effectiveness of the started work and urge everyone who is not indifferent to join us. We will be very grateful for any help, participation and support.

The Chairman of the Jewish community in Bila Tserkva A.Podolskiy

The principal of the EC "Mitsvah-613" N.Andriuschenko

Навчально-виховний комплекс "Міцва-613"