Іудейська релігійна громада "Міцва"
Навчально-виховний комплекс "Міцва-613"

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In The Oscar Style

Our congratulations to all pupils, teachers and parents with the end of the school year! “Last Bell” celebration gathered all worshipers of the educational complex "Mitsvah-613" on the solemn ceremony. Frankly speaking, it was not the simple ceremony, but the whole action with the original story, the prologue and epilogue. The main characters were children. Their goal was to become successful. The teachers` task was to help the main characters to succeed. Culmination was the presentation of "Oscars". It was held in various categories. Under a storm of applause from the audience on the "red carpet" went out:
- 23 excellent pupils,
- 7 winners of the urban subject`s Olympiads,
- 3 winners of regional Olympiads,
- 1 winner of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad
- 1 winner of the city, regional, national stage of the scientific papers` defense of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
- 3 winners of the competition of fine arts named after Soshenko,
- 1 participant with a special prize of the 5th All-Ukrainian contest "Moral Act".
Pupils, who were able to demonstrate their abilities and talents in the international projects, were greeted with applause:
- Participation in the international competitions in the Jewish traditions, history and geography among schools of the "Hevtsiba" program.
- Participation in the International competition "Masa Shorashim" with the support of "Hevtsiba" program of the Israel Ministry of Education.
- Participation in the International School of the studying the cultural and historical heritage of the Jewish people in the project "The history of my family."
- Two winning places at the 15th International Competition "History and Lessons of the Holocaust" at the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust’s Studies.
And applause again: this time to the graduates of primary school, ninth graders! They “pass the baton” to favorites of the Graduation 2015 to the eleventh graders! It was they who brought the Jewish school in second place in the city at the Independent Testing on the Ukrainian language!!! Around these stellar characters, flashes of cameras twinkled for a long time ...
Twisted story came to the end. Jubilant faces of the main characters were in focus, parents` tears of happiness! Happy end! The continuation of the story is waited at the next season!
Talking about the “Last call” ceremony in the EC "Mitsvah-613" in a word is a futile exercise. After all, what words don’t select, it is fail to convey the mood and flavor of the holiday. We are better to see once than hear a hundred times!

Навчально-виховний комплекс "Міцва-613"